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Videos Shown at ASLO Town Hall - 02.26.2014

10 Second Videos

  • The Tides -- Physics Explained in 9.999-Second Videos (0:9.999):
  • Shrimp running on treadmill (1:39):

Video 180 Finalists

  • Bite Size: Bull Shark Predation of Tarpon (03:01):
  • Erasing our Sunken Past (03:00):
  • Fishing in the deep: observations of a deep-sea anglerfish (02:53):
  • How a microscopic team alters the course of carbon in the Atlantic Ocean (03:00):
  • Innocence by Viral Tagging (02:59): (Animation):
  • Sponges of the Caribbean: What ecological factors most affect them? (03:00):
  • The Harp Sponge: an extraordinary new species of carnivorous sponge (03:00):
  • Trash in the deep sea: Bringing a hidden problem to light (03:00):
  • Wavechasers and the Samoan Passage (02:42):
  • What do lobster traps tell us about the lobsters on the bottom? (03:00):

Researcher Videos

  • C-More Animation (02:12):
  • Macropinna microstoma: A deep-sea fish with a transparent head and tubular eyes(01:28):
  • The Arctic’s Secret Garden - Investigating Life in Arctic Sea Ice (02:26):
  • Finding Good and Evil in the Marsh (05:49):
  • In the Grass on the Reef: Florida Oyster Reefs Under Siege by Snails (02:44): (one episode in a 13-part series funded by NSF)

Educational Videos for Kids

  • The Tide (06:46):
  • Bill Nye The Science Guy on Ocean Currents (02:08):
  • Temperate Estuary Habitat (from OSS) (03:22):
  • Ocean Current Model (from OSS) (01:12):

Advocacy Groups/Conservation Groups

  • Marine Debris (03:19):
  • Nature Matters to Arden O’Connor (02:40):
  • How Gulf Spill Estimates Got it So Wrong (03:25):

Student Videos

  • Are Scientists Robots? (04:17):
  • Phil Pie the Ocean Science Guy (02:01): http://www
  • Melanie Underwood - Ocean Industries Student Research Awards (01:16):
  • Sponge Reef on Fraser Ridge (00:24):
  • Stephanie Dutkiewicz follows the motion of the ocean, its nutrients, and phytoplankton (01:35):
  • Basking Shark Research in Monterey Bay(03:06):

Narrated Slideshows

  • Making Water Pollution Visible (05:17):
  • Introduction to the Ocean (From OSS curriculum) (00:51):
  • Ocean Acidification: Research on Top of the World (02:21):

Online Lectures/Presentations

  • Panel Discussion: Barriers to Use of GIS in Ocean Science and Management (28:03):
  • Marine Protected Areas: A Success Story - Perspectives on Ocean Science (57:50):
  • Blue Planet: Oceanography, Lec 1, E&S Sci 15, UCLA (24:13):

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