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GK-12 Workshop Given - 03.13.2011

The GK-12 community—There are over 180 funded GK-12 programs in almost every state with established partnerships between universities and partner school districts. Of these, 9 identify themselves as focused on marine education, 15 as earth science, and 33 as environmental science. COSEE OCEAN organized a Special Interest Session at the March, 2011 annual GK-12 Community Meeting. While much of the conversation was dominated by the news that the GK-12 program would be discontinued, our SIS was well-received and 33 individuals from about 15 GK-12 programs and 20 different organizations participated. Participants were also interested in establishing a single ocean science education resource database or resource, developing a community of graduate students interested in ocean education (e.g. GrOE), and learning about what COSEE could offer them, and making a bank of scientist videos available for educational use.

Below is a description of the GK-12 Special Interest Session that met March 13, 2011 in Washington, DC:

Ocean Science Education

Facilitators: Bob Chen (COSEE OCEAN, Watershed-Integrated Sciences Partnership, Boston Science Partnership) & Cheryl Peach (COSEE CA, Scripps Classroom Connection)

While not explicitly one of the main four STEM science disciplines (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science) ocean education offers interdisciplinary and engaging science education opportunities. This Special Interest Session aims to bridge ocean and environmental education efforts within the GK-12 Network with existing and developing ocean and environmental science education networks outside of the GK-12 Network. The goal is to learn from each other, share best practices, knowledge, and networks, and further ocean science research and education nationally and internationally as well as locally. For example, the Centers of Ocean Science Education Excellence (COSEE) network has been operating over the last 8 years to define ocean literacy, engage ocean scientists in education and public outreach, and team ocean scientists with educators to increase the impacts of research as well as enrich STEM learning in formal and informal settings. Following short descriptions on work currently being conducted, participants will share ideas, knowledge, goals, and resources to increase the connections between existing social and professional networks.

Please come to this Special Interest Session ready with a description of your activities to share with the group. Handouts and other informational materials for distribution are welcome. This exchange is sponsored by COSEE Ocean Education Communities And social Networks (COSEE OCEAN) and COSEE California (COSEE CA), and as such can be enhanced over the next 3-5 years if desired by the group.

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